Buenos Aires, the city of tango, historic cafés, and the vibrant energy of its inhabitants, was my home for several years. This South American metropolis, often compared to a Latin American version of Paris, offered me a unique life experience, rich in discoveries and emotions.

When I arrived in Buenos Aires in 2010, its ambiance immediately captivated me. The lively streets of Palermo, the elegant avenues of Recoleta, and the authenticity of San Telmo each have their charm. Living here means constantly being surrounded by a fascinating mix of European architecture and Argentine culture, where the old and the new coexist harmoniously.

One of the most striking aspects of life in Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the passion of its inhabitants for dance, music, and theater. Tango, of course, is omnipresent. I had the chance to attend milongas, those dances where people of all ages come together to share their passion. These evenings, where the sensuality and elegance of the movements blend with the nostalgia of the melodies, remain etched in my memory.

Meanwhile, I continued my photography studies at Studio Shenkin and Centro San Martin. There, I was able to perfect my craft, explore new techniques, and meet artists from various backgrounds. The art scene in Buenos Aires is dynamic and welcoming, offering many opportunities to exhibit and share one’s work.

The people of Buenos Aires, the Porteños, are warm and welcoming. I quickly formed friendships that enriched my daily experience. The long evenings spent chatting around an asado, typically Argentine barbecue, are moments I particularly cherish. Argentine cuisine, with its empanadas, Mendoza wines, and of course, its famous meat, is a constant delight.

Getting around the city is an adventure in itself. I learned to love the bus and subway rides, often enlivened by street musicians and traveling artists.

What also profoundly impressed me was the inhabitants’ resilience in the face of economic challenges. Despite periods of crisis, the Porteños continue to celebrate life with admirable energy and determination. This ability to find joy even in difficult times is a valuable lesson that I carry with me.

Living in Buenos Aires was an extraordinary adventure. It’s a city that takes you by the hand and sweeps you into its whirlwind of culture, passion, and beauty. If you have the chance to visit or live in this magnificent capital, I encourage you to dive headfirst into everything it has to offer. Buenos Aires is a city to be lived intensely, and each day is a new page of the vibrant story that this city offers.