Portraits, couples and families

As a portrait photographer in Karlsruhe, I can offer you individual photo sessions as well as sessions for family or couple photos.  I always try to make the photo shooting fun and enjoyable for you, and you can be an active participant in the creation, if you want. I am open to exchange ideas and try new things. I photograph rather outside because I find it more interesting and more creative to play with the elements that surround us, and I also like the natural light. At the end of our session I’ll need one week time to edit the photographs and you can get them via internet or on a CD, as you prefer. I look forward to working with you!


Portraits of artists

Portraits of artists is a collection of my photo shootings with different artist coming from the dance and music industry. We took this pictures for their promotional material mostly. You can book me to take your pictures for your next album, show, or whichever creative need you have. We can work together, combining our ideas to get your visual content the way you want it.


Conferences and events

As a conference/event photographer, I am trying to convey the general mood and the atmosphere at the event. I look for the gesture, emotions and interactions among participants, to bring larger sense to the whole picture. Contact me if you need a photographer for your conference, meeting, seminar, workshop or other kind of event. I look forward to working with you!


Landscapes and nature

I enjoy being in nature, observing and admiring it. Our planet has plenty of breathtaking landscapes and I am glad I was able to see some of them in person. Whenever I am outside, going for a walk in the forest or by the river, I often see some unusual details that are worth being taken in a photo. And that’s what I do. Some of my landscape photos are decorating walls of peoples houses reminding them every day how much beauty is around us.


Street photography

In this portfolio, you will find my street photographs. I began shooting street very early, at the beginning of my career, since that was one of the most appealing forms of photography for me. Street photography captures all those little moments in life that are so unique and fresh and that never repeat themselves. It is a panorama of endless possibilities, just like the life itself. When you get out on the street to shoot, you never know what is going to happen, what kind of material you’ll bring home when you come back, and that´s the magic of it.


Travel photography

In this selection of my travel photographs, you´ll see scenes from places such as Greece, Laos, Montenegro, Bosnia, France, Germany and Uruguay. They are meant to give you a bit of the sense of the place, show you it’s beauty and maybe inspire you to go there yourself. As a little girl, I was always daydreaming while seeing images of faraway places. As an adult, I was lucky enough to be able to travel a lot and see some of them in person. That made me feel as if I lived in a novel, which is finally quite a great feeling. I hope my photographs will inspire some of you to travel more.