I am a Serbian photographer, whose body of work comprises documentary photography, street shots, portraits and performing arts, especially focusing on flamenco dance. Having had a chance to live and work in places like Cuba, Morocco, Argentina, and Laos (among others ), my exposure to different cultures and visual diversity was significant. In my work, I try to portray how people live, capture their emotions and interconnections, and tell their stories. I studied photography in Studio Shenkin and Centro San Martin, in Buenos Aires.


In 2010 I participated in a collective exhibition with an open theme in CC San Martin, Buenos Aires. In 2012, I had my own show with my series on South America “Amerika Latina” in Foto-video klub Vojvodine in Novi Sad and Dom omladine, Kladovo, Serbia. In 2014, my street series from Cuba were exhibited in a wellness center of Ralph Gerdes in Baden Baden, Germany.

Photographers whom I admire

I love Steve McCurry’s work. He is an infinite inspiration for me. I find his compositions, storytelling and colours so compelling. Another photographer that I like is Ansel Adams. All his black and white landscape photos, with their perfect set of tones and contrast are deeply embedded into my memory. I also admire the works of Robert Capa, Josef Koudelka, Henri Cartier Bresson, Sebastiao Salgado,…the list is long.

I my free time I enjoy listening to the podcast Candid frame, because through the conversations with contemporary photographers you can learn a lot about them and their work.